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Resources for Non-Profit Boards

Board Chair and Chief Executive

19 Suggestions for Board Chairs and Chief Executives

Goals for Board Excellence

Guidelines for Avoiding Role Problems

The Chief Executive's Role in Developing a Non-profit Board

The Partnership of the Board Chair and the Chief Executive

Board Meetings

Basic Accounting Terms for Non-profit Board Members

Board Meeting Evaluation

Chairperson's Checklist for Great Meetings

Meeting Tools and Strategies

Sample Board Agenda

Ten Quick Ways to Improve Board Meetings

Using a Consent Agenda


Fundraising Evaluation

Sophisticated Fundraising


12 Principles of Governance

A More Effective Board of Directors

Better Practices of Effective Non-Profit Boards

Boards That Make a Difference by John Carver

Building an Effective Board - The Human Element

Difficult Board & Staff Situations

Employee Bonuses

Great Boards by Richard Chait

How to Select a Leader

Keeping Board Members Involved

Nine Keys for Reinvigorating Board Leadership

Nom & Board Development Committee Job Descriptions

Non-profit Revitalization Act of 2013

NYS Attorney General - Responsibilities of Directors and Officers of Not-for-Profit Boards

Principles of Governances for Exceptional Boards

Problem Boards or Board Problems

Resolving Board Problems

Six Steps to an Effective Non-profit Board

Some Ways Modern Non-profit Boards Are Changing

The New Work of the Board

The Three Hats of a Board Member

What Are the Board's Jobs

Why Boards Don't Govern

Working Agreements for a Non-profit Board

Monitoring and Evaluating

A Fiduciary's Checklist

Board Monitoring of the Agency Fiscal Position

Ten Key Assumptions about Chief Executive Evaluation

Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse, Effective Board

Board Profile Worksheet

Guidelines for the Nominating Process

Keeping Board Members Involved

Keeping Board Members Involved - Participatory Groups - Conventional Groups

Mentor Job Description

New Member Orientation

Sustaining Board Commitment through the Life-cycles of an Agency

The Board Building Cycle

The Diversity Continuum

The 3 Ds, 3 Gs, 3 Ts & 3 Ws of Boards

Types of People Needed for the Board

Sample Board Documents

A Board Member Contract

Annual Nominating and Board Development Committee Calendar

Board Demographics & Expertise Tracking for Nominating Committees

Excel format

Board Meeting Feedback Form

Board Meeting Agenda Template

Board Member Feedback About the Agency Chief Executive

Policies for a Board of Directors

Chief Executive Performance Review Process

Key Considerations in Scheduling Agency and Board Activities

Conflict of Interest Policy

Nominating and Board Development Committee Job Descriptions

Sample Board of Directors Work Plan

Sample Board of Directors Chair's Annual Work Plan

Sample Finance Committee Annual Work Plan

Sample Table of Contents for Board Manual

Sample of an Agency Work Plan

Sample Work Plan Items for an HR Committee

Tracking Member Demographics


Board Self-assessment tool

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Culture and Performance Review

Individual Board Member Self-evaluation

Improving Board Effectiveness - Board Self-assessment Survey - Long version

Improving Board Effectiveness - Short version

Strategic Planning

The Long View - Part I

The Long View - Part II